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We've got the right vehicle for the job!
We've built up our fleet over a number of years and we now have available a vehicle to suit the majority of breakdown recovery and vehicle transportation requirements. As you would expect from a garage of our reputation, all vehicles are maintained in first-class condition and are cleaned both externally and internally as regularly as we hoover our own lounge carpet!

Ford Escort Van
Used mainly for roadside repairs it is ideal for tight locations such as multi-storey car parks. We carry a wide range of spares and tools for the majority of minor repairs.

We also have a specially designed motorcycle trailer to transport all types of bike from mopeds to Harleys and superbikes.

Mercedes 412 Sprinter
Fitted with an aluminium slide-back bed with a capactiy to carry 2.2 ton. This vehicle is compact and as easy to drive as the normal family saloon. It has a day cab that will carry two passengers plus the operator. It also has a tow hitch for the occassions that a caravan or boat is being towed at the time of a breakdown. This vehicle is ideal in confined spaces and very comfortable for long journeys.

Mercedes 814
Fitted with slide-back bed, this vehicle is ideal for recovering cars, vans or caravans that have bent wheels or suspension as well as though that have lost them completely! Fitted with a second car lift system this enables it to recover two vehicles at the same time, one on the back and one suspended on the rear. It can carry five passengers and the operator, very comfortable for long trips with a very spacious passenger cab.

Ford Cargo 813
Fitted with an aluminium beaver tail, this vehicle has a carrying capacity of 3.5 tons making it ideal for recovering commercial vans and large cars. It has a seating capacity for up to six passengers and has a tow hitch for caravans and trailers should the need arise.

Mercedes 814D
Fitted with a heavy duty Spec-Lift, this vehicle is capable of recovering vehicles up to 4 ton and has a passenger cab capable of accommodating up to 5 passengers plus operator, making it the ideal vehicle for recovering the large van of today. Normal range of tools and spares on-board for roadside repairs.